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For Founders: Seize this Moment to Raise Capital

While the headlines have been awash with talk of a venture capital winter, it's crucial to understand that it's merely a season, not a barren period. The data shows that while the pace of fundraising might have decelerated in the past year and a half...

Addressing Food Insecurity By Stemming Food Waste

Food insecurity, the inability to access or afford enough food or enough nutritious food for one’s overall health and well-being, is a serious problem in both developing and developed nations. According to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, more than one in five (21.6%) adults in the United States reported household food insecurity in the summer of 2022, an increase of more than 6% from April 2021.

Collaboration in Food Innovation

In the second article in our mid-year series, we turn our focus to collaboration in food innovation. Here at FoodNiche, we are firm believers in the power and importance of the collaborative effort of all key stakeholders to drive food innovation. It takes broad-based cooperation across the spectrum to create a healthier, sustainable food future. As Bill Gates pointed out in his book, How to Avoid a Climate Disaster, “the food system is one of the most important areas where we need to collaborate. We need to find ways to produce more food, while using fewer resources and reducing our impact on the environment. This is a challenge that we can only solve by working together.”

Beyond Good: Creating Impact In Local Communities Through Unique Supply Chain Approach To Chocolate Production.

Beyond Good, a sustainability and social impact chocolate company, is focused on providing products consumers enjoy that are 100% traceable and transparent. The company produces its chocolate at source in Madagascar, combining social impact with food production.

FDA Charges Baby Formula Industry To Reduce Bacteria Illness Industry | Food Industry Headlines

Metal oxide nanoparticles, frequently used as food coloring and anti-caking agents in the food industry, may cause damage to certain parts of the human intestine, according to a new study by scientists at Cornell and Binghamton Universities.. This and other news headlines, click here.

Good Culture and Diary Farmers of America partner on probiotic milk – News Headlines for This Week

The Diary Farmers of America (DFA) and Good Culture have partnered to produce a new lactose-free milk formulated with a probiotic to support digestive and immune health...and news more headlines.


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News Headlines This Week

Research finds that "food swamps" may increase risk of  stroke in adults. Food innovation news and other headlines in the food industry this week. Click here to read

FDA To Allow More Vitamin D Enrichment In Food Products

In response to a petition filed by US-based food brand, FDA now allows more vitamin D fortification in cereal and bars. Read this and other headlines this week here.

Meat.The End Take Strides Towards Launching First Extrusion-Based Research and Development Center in Israel.

The Israeli company Meat.The End signed a purchase agreement for an industrial extrusion line with a world leader in the production of industrial mechanization equipment. The deal is worth a total of 1.5 million euros. As part of the transaction, the first of its kind in the Israeli foodtech industry, the European company will provide technical assistance to the Meat.The End’s R&D efforts

Study Shows Link Between Consumption of Red Dye and Poor Gut Heath- Headlines 12/23/2022

According to a new study, red dye has a negative effect on gut health, increasing individuals' risk of bowel diseases. Red dye is present in a large number of food products including, candies, soft drinks, snacks, and more. For this and other headlines check this article.


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Top 10 US Early Stage FoodTech Investments in 2022

Early-stage US Foodtech companies, defined as companies founded on or later than Jan 1, 2019, have attracted significant investor interest in 2022. Approximately $850M in new capital has been invested in 189 early-stage companies since the beginning of 2022.

Heinz Recalls 2,400 Pounds of Meat | Food Industry Headlines

Heinz has recalled 2,400 pounds of Oscar Mayer meat. This and other headlines this week can be found here.

DoorDash to Lay Off 7% Of Their Employees

DoorDash has now announced that it will be firing about 7% of its staff, or 1,250 empolyees. The CEO of the company, explained this motion, saying that with the quickly growing business they hired very quickly, however, the company has now reached a state where if they continue along the same path, their operating expenses would outgrow their revenue

FDA Approves Upside Food Cultured Chicken

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) gave the first regulatory approval for any cultivated meat in the US this week. For this story and other food headlines this week, click here.

Food Innovation Funding Headlines

Temasek and 83North led a secured $100 million investment round in Trigo, an Israeli FoodTech company. The company which is focused on powering digitalized checkout in stores will be using the funds to retrofit grocery stores across US and Europe. It will  use the funds to retrofit grocery stores across the US and Europe with its cashier-less checkout tech. Read more about funding headlines this week.

Beyond Meat Debuts Plant-Based Steak

Plant-based meat substitute producer Beyond Meat debuted its plant-based steak product called Beyond Steak on Monday. The product was launched in more than 5,000 Kroger and Walmart locations across the United States. Food Industry news this week summarized for you. Click here to read more.

Major Shake-Up At Beyond Meat As Shares Tumble

This article summarizes the major news in the food industry for the week of October 21, 2022. Click here to read more.

NextGen Foods Raises 51.2 Million To Scale Plant-Based Food Innovation

Next Gen Foods has raised a total of 51.2 million dollars, made a product called Tindle. Tindle is aimed toward chefs instead of directly to the consumers because they believe that the product can be used in a large variety of recipes.

Brilliant Female Scientists Leading Innovation In The Food Industry

In this article we highlight the work of a few of these women. If you are wondering what the future of food looks like, pay attention to the remarkable innovation happening in the food industry today. It is great to highlight women are leading the change.

FSA Invests £1.6 Million to Tackle Food Poisoning Issues – Headlines

Ferrero Offices Raided After Salmonella Scandal – Weekly Headlines
Food Industry Headlines

Synthesis Capital Raises $300 Million To Support Food Tech Startups

Synthesis Capital Raises $300 Million to Support Food Tech Startups – Weekly Headlines

Nestle Pizza Facility Investigated Over Links To E.coli Contamination- News Headlines

Baby Formula Contamination Risk Spotted at Abbot Laboratories Months Ago – Weekly Headlines

Brightseed Raises $60 million in Funding – New Headlines

Voyage Foods Raises $36 Million Funding – Weekly Headlines

Coca-Cola and Others To Pay $21 Million Over False Advert

Solinftec Raises $60 Million Funding - Weekly Headlines

News Headlines June 7th

According to the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification, the effect of soil degradation could total more than $20 trillion in losses of food and ecosystem services by 2050. - Weekly Headlines

News Headlines May 30th

Australia-based food tech startup Eden Brew has gotten $5 million in funding to scale up its cow-free dairy and ice-cream development. - Weekly Headlines

London Experts Successfully Produce Lab-Grown Caviar

Scientists from University College London and Caviar Biotech have successfully grown caviar in the lab by replicating cells from fish’s egg sac in a biochemical liquid. This was reported to be the first lab-grown variety in the world.

Protein Innovation: Smoked Salmon From Spirulina

IFF-Dupont recently announced a partnership with SimpliiGood to develop the first smoked salmon substitute from Spirulina.

Lab Cultivated Breast Milk May Be On The Market In 3 Years

BIOMILQ a North Carolina-based startup, is focused on creating lab cultivated breast milk.

Synthesis Capital Raises $300 Million To Support Food Tech Startups

The Food and Drug Administration is investigating a possible link between an outbreak of hepatitis A and fresh organic strawberries.

FSA Invests £1.6 Million to Tackle Food Poisoning Issues – Headlines

The Food and Drug Administration is investigating a possible link between an outbreak of hepatitis A and fresh organic strawberries.

Rutgers Scientist Develops Plant-based Antimicrobial Food Wrap -Headlines

The Food and Drug Administration is investigating a possible link between an outbreak of hepatitis A and fresh organic strawberries.

Driving Innovation For A Healthier Food System

According to a WHO policy brief, advertising campaigns are undercutting the drive to encourage healthy food habits among children.