According to a new study, red dye has a negative effect on gut health, increasing individuals’ risk of bowel diseases. Red dye is present in a large number of food products including, candies, soft drinks, snacks, and more. – MSN

Tech Company is Working on Genetically Modified Hens that Could End the Culling of Male Chicks

Food Dive

American-Israel company Huminn has successfully modified chicks so that they only lay eggs for female chicks. 7 billion chicks are culled each year, however, with this new technology egg producers may save billions of dollars.

Chicken Product Being Recalled from Walmarts in 28 States


6013 pounds of Innovasian Crispy Chicken with Almonds Entree are to now be recalled from Walmarts across 28 states. This occurred after a consumer found unannounced shellfish in the product.

Plant Protein Chocolate Flavor Recalled


Power Life by Tony Horton brand High Impact Plant Protein Chocolate Flavor has now been recalled. This recall has come about due to undeclared milk inside. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is currently conducting a food safety investigation.

Lidl is Recalling Several Fish Products

South Wales Argus

Lidl is recalling several smoked fish products including, Lidl Deluxe Oak Smoked Scottish Louch Trout, and Lighthouse Bay Smoked Trout Trimmings. The recalls are occurring due to a Listera outbreak that may have contaminated the products.

Plant-Based Breakfast Sandwiches Recalled

Plant-based Breakfast Sandwich – Meatless Sausage have now been recalled by the Canadian government due to unannounced milk ingredients. These ingredients are not listed on the label.

With Sales on the Decline Plant-Based Food Companies are Considering Animal Products 


The interest in plant-based products has recently declined. As a result these brands, who have never used meat in their products before, are now considering selling products with this ingredient. 

New Plant-Based Company Debuts Products In Dallas Vegan Restaurant

Dallas News

Plant-based food brand Better Balance launched its products in the US, opening first in Dallas’s TLC Vegan Cafe. Plant-based food brand Better Balance launched its products in the US opening first in Dallas’s TLC Vegan Cafe.

Experts are Concerned About the Effects that Vegan and Vegetarian Diets May Have on Seniors


Experts have recently expressed concerns about risks for seniors who switch to vegan or vegetarian diets. Seniors have an increased need for protein which may be harder to acquire via such diets. 46% of elderly Americans already lack an adequate amount of protien in their diet. 

Cultivated Meat Startup to Partner with Tech Company Solar Biotech with a Goal of Producing Over 4 Million Pounds of Cultivated Meat

Food Dive

Cultivated beef company Orbillion Bio has now partnered with the Solar Biotech with the goal of increasing production via the usage of 20,000-liters bioreactors. Increasing the production to commercial levels is a challenge for a lot of food tech companies, however, this partnership will help lessen this challenge for this new startup.

 Wheat is Under Threat By Harmful Fungal Toxins

Wheat is the most widley cultivated crop, it provides on average 18% of people‚Äôs total colories across the globe. However, more recently this crop has been attacked by fungus, which produces mycotoxins that causes illness in humans and animals alike. 

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