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Beyond Good: Creating Impact In Local Communities Through Unique Supply Chain Approach To Chocolate Production.

Cocoa Beans
Image via Pixabay.

Beyond Good, a sustainability and social impact chocolate company, is focused on providing products consumers enjoy that are 100% traceable and transparent. The company produces its chocolate at source in Madagascar, combining social impact with food production.

Farmers  benefit from the company’s approach to supply chain, as they receive a living wage by selling their cocoa directly to Beyond Good bypassing the middle-man. This ensures that farmers are able to earn premium prices for their cocoa beans.

Beyond Good is also making a positive environmental and conservation impact. The company is reforesting and enriching biodiversity in Madagascar, helping to protect the natural environment.

The company is committed to providing its customers with the highest quality chocolate, while also supporting the farmers and protecting the environment. With its new 100% traceable and transparent supply chain, Beyond Good is leading the way in ethical and sustainable chocolate production.

Beyond Good Founder and CEO Tim McCollum will be speaking at the FoodNiche Summit 2023 in the Solution Spotlight section. He will be discussing the chocolate industry, the root causes of its sustainability issues, and how a new business model has the potential to change the industry forever. 

The FoodNiche Summit 2023  is a gathering of innovators, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders in the food industry. The Solution Spotlight section is a platform for innovators to share their brilliant solutions to key problems plaguing our food system.

The FoodNiche Summit 2023 is scheduled to take place on May 30, 2023 at Cornell Tech University, New York. For all summit questions, please contact Joshua via email: [email protected].

Eat Just gets FDA clearance for cell-based meat – News Headlines for This Week

PoLoPo raises $1.75M to develop animal-based proteins from plants


Israeli molecular farming startup PoLoPo has successfully raised a $1.75M pre-seed funding round to continue developing its proprietary technology, which uses potatoes as plant biofactories to produce animal proteins.

Nestlé recalls infant formula in North America 

Just Food 

Nestlé’s Gerber-branded infant-formula products have been recalled in North America after they were linked to potential bacteria contamination.

Tyson Creates Climate Smart Beef Program

Food Industry Executive

Tyson Foods has launched a Climate-Smart Beef Program to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the beef production process.

Cultivated meat startup opens first plant

Food Business News

Cultivated meat startup Fork and Good is set to open a pilot facility in Jersey City after raising $22 million in the capital. Fork and Good will begin with a focus on cultivated ground pork.

Research finds fresh food labels contaminated by toxic BPA-like chemicals

Packaging Gateway

A new study has reported that toxic chemicals migrate from packaging materials, such as price tags and labels, after examining an assortment of packaged fresh food.

Beef sambusas recalled due to metal contamination

Meat + Poultry

Hoyo SBC is recalling over 1,000 pounds of ready-to-eat beef sambusa products after a school reported that it discovered thin, wirelike metal on the outside of the product during preparation. 

Motif FoodWorks Launches Appetex

Food Engineering Magazine

Motif Foodworks has commercially launched Appetex, an ingredient that provides a meat-like texture to plant-based foods.

More than 300,000 cereal and snack packages recalled because of metal in products

Food Safety News

Catalina Snacks is recalling more than 300,000 ready-to-eat cereal packages and snack mix packages because of foreign material (metal) in the products.

One-third of Nestle sales comes from foods considered unhealthy


A third of Nestle’s sales missed an independent definition of healthy as it applied a nutritional rating test across its portfolio.

PepsiCo invests over $200M into farmer partnerships

Food Dive

PepsiCo is investing $216 million into new regenerative agriculture projects that aim to deliver 3 million metric tons of greenhouse gas emission reduction and removal by the year 2030.

FDA Charges Baby Formula Industry To Reduce Bacteria Illness Industry | Food Industry Headlines

The United States Food and Drug Administration has issued a new call to action to the infant formula industry to protect babies from illnesses caused by Salmonella and Cronobacter sakazakii bacteria. – CNN

Fly By Jing secures $12 million in series B funding


Fly By Jing, known for its Sichuan chili crisp, has secured $12 million in series B finding. The funds will be used to accelerate its growth as it expands into Kroger and other U.S. retailers.

Impossible Foods launches new meat alternative with less fat

Green Queen

Impossible Foods is set to launch a leaner version of its plant-based beef. The new Impossible Beef Lite has 45% less total fat than 90/10 lean beef from cows.

FrieslandCampina and PepsiCo ask suppliers to stop buying palm oil from AAL 


Dutch dairy producer FrieslandCampina N.V. and U.S. soda maker PepsiCo have asked their suppliers to stop buying palm oil from plantation owner Astra Agro Lestari, accused by environmental groups of land and human rights abuses.

Lidl recalls ready-to-eat cocktail shrimp


Lidl has recalled its ready-to-eat Tapas branded Cocktail Shrimp due to a potential Listeria monocytogenes contamination. The product was distributed across all U.S. Lidl locations, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Mediterranean diet linked with reduced risk of developing dementia

NBC News

An analysis of data from over 60,000 seniors showed that choosing to follow a Mediterranean diet reduces a person’s likelihood of developing dementia by almost one-quarter, even among those with genes that put them at greater risk.

Tyson Foods to close two chicken plants 


In a move that affects more than 1,500 workers, Tyson Foods is set to close two chicken plants in Van Buren, Arkansas, and Glen Allen, Virginia, by May 12.

EPA proposes standards to make drinking water safer from forever chemicals

Al Jazeera

The United States Environmental Protection Agency has proposed a federal limit on forever chemicals in drinking water across the United States. Officials say the move will save lives.

Food coloring nanoparticles may damage the human gut, scientists warn

SciTech Daily

Metal oxide nanoparticles, frequently used as food coloring and anti-caking agents in the food industry, may cause damage to certain parts of the human intestine, according to a new study by scientists at Cornell and Binghamton Universities.

Shiru unveils plant-based fat that looks and behaves like animal fat

Ag Funder News

Shiru, a California-based startup, has identified plant-based proteins that can be combined with healthy oils to create structured fats that can replace the saturated animal or tropical fats in multiple applications.

Recalled food items increased in 2022, report says 

Food Safety News 

According to a newly released report, the total number of “units” recalled under the authority of the FDA increased by more than 650% in 2022 compared to 2021. 

Hershey launches plant-based milk chocolate

Confectionery News 

The Hershey Co. is launching milk-free alternatives for its Hershey’s and Reese’s brands. The move signals Hershey’s entrance into the plant-based trend. 

Kellogg’s reveals new names as rebranding edges closer

Food Dive

Kellogg’s moved a step closer to splitting the company into two distinct companies for cereals as snacks by announcing the names of the two businesses that will succeed Kellogg’s. They are Kellanova and WK Kellogg Co.

Experts predict that more than half of meat will no longer come from animals

Veg News

Experts expect that 60% of meat will be in the form of vegan or lab-grown protein by 2040.

Food tech startup Burger Index raises $1.3m seed funding for expansion

Gulf Business

Burger Index, a Spanish food tech startup established in 2022, has raised $1.3m in seed funding to start its expansion in the GCC region.