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DoorDash to Lay Off 7% Of Their Employees

DoorDash has now announced that it will be firing about 7% of its staff, or 1,250 empolyees. The CEO of the company, explained this motion, saying that with the quickly growing business they hired very quickly, however, the company has now reached a state where if they continue along the same path, their operating expenses would outgrow their revenue. -SF Gate

Smart Vending Machine Launched 

New Strait Times

Company Advanced Food Technology has launched a new smart vending machine. This machine, called Bites & Bytes Smart Vending Machine (SVM), offers a variety of different meals. There are two variants of the machine, one is 400kg and capable of dispensing 60 meals, and the latter is double in weight and in the amount that it can produce. 

New Startup Uses Technology to Get Surplus Food to Non-Profits

Microsoft Features

The company FoodCloud is focused on getting surplus food to nonprofits in a more efficient manner. Food insecurity is expected to increase worldwide. According to a 2021 report from the UN Environment Program 931 million tons of food sold, goes to waste every year. Food is thrown out as surplus for a variety of reasons such, as food is past its best if used before date (which is regarding optimal flavor rather than meaning it isn’t healthy to eat), if a label is torn, or simply if there is too much of a given product. These foods are still nutritious, and good to eat, and for this reason, FoodCloud is focused on taking this food and bringing it to nonprofits to aid in combatting the ever more prevalent food insecurity issue.

Virginia Tech Lab Is Focused on Resolving Issues With and Growing The Seafood Industry

The Virginian-Pilot

Virginia Tech has labs that are focused on a variety of things involving the seafood industry. The research will be focused mainly on three things prevent diseases from spreading through packaging, create new fish foods, and create cultivated fish.

New E-Commerce Company is Focused on Increasing Food Accessibility

The Daily Star

The pandemic was a big booster for the e-commerce industry in Bangladesh, with the industry experiencing 5 years worth of growth in only five months during the pandemic. Gorillamove is an online instant grocer that is focused on bettering food accessibility, as 73% of people in the country do not have the ability to maintain a healthy diet on a day to day basis.

Weis Markets Recalls Sea Salt Caramel Ripple Ice Cream

Lehigh Valley Live

Weis markets has now recalled 108 containers of their Sea Salt Caramel Ripple Ice Cream due to potential undeclared soy and coconut products. As of Dec. 1, no illnesses have been reported as a result.

Enoki Mushroom Claims the Title of 2022’s Most Recalled Food

Eat This! Not That!

This year, Enoki mushrooms have been recalled 11 times for listera-related reasons, making it the most problematic food, well ahead of the runners up, cheese, ground beef, and leafy greens. 

Beyond Meat Stocks Have Dropped by 83% Over the Course of This Past Year

Beyond Meat has been at the forefront of the plant-based meat industry since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Beyond Meat along with the rest of the industry, surged with growth as many consumers tried the company’s vegan food. However, those days have come to an end and Beyond Meat has slumped by nearly 83% while sales that were projected to grow by up to 33% this year, are now expected to experience only minor growth. -Seattle Times

Research Shows 7 Out of 10 Students in Manchester Are Interesting in Eating More Plant-Based Food – Plant-Based News

Research done by MeatFreed shows that 69 percent of students want to try more animal-free meals. One-third of UK consumers are removing meat from their meat, and the costs of foods are shifting as well. Plant-based meat is cheaper than animal protein and in Germany, oat milk costs less than cow’s milk. 

Food Startup Turns Vegetable Food Waste into Healthy Snacks – MSN

CSIRO, an Australian food tech company is focused on combating the global food waste problem that has continued to grow. This company has partnered with startup Nutri V in turning vegetable waste into healthy snacks. 31 percent of the world’s food is uneaten and placed in landfills and 7.6 million tonnes of food is wasted in Australia alone.

FDA Approves Lab-Grown Meat – New York Times

The FDA has approved lab-grown products from the Californian company, Upside Food. The agency says they have “no further questions” regarding the safety of the product. 

Lab-Grown Meat Served at COP27 Conference – Nextshark

The Singaporean government served lab-grown meat to world leaders at the most recent United Nations Climate Change Conference. Singapore is currently the only place where the commercial sale of cell-based meat is allowed.

Food Companies Meatable and Love Handle Partner to Make Innovation Center in Singapore

 – Meat + Poultry

Cultivated meat producer and plant-based food companies, Meatable and Love Handle, have now announced a partnership to build the Future of Meat innovation center. In this center, the two companies will make hybrid products of both cultivated meat and plant-based ingredients.

Ultra-processed Food Linked to Preventable Premature Death, According to Study – Eat This! Not That!

A recent study published in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine looked at Brazilian dietary surveys and pointed out that 13% to 21% of these foods were ultra-processed foods. They also found that out of 541160 adults who died prematurely over half of these deaths were caused by preventable diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. After further examination, the study determined that 10.5% of the deaths were linked to these foods.

Cultivated Meat Company Receives 1.5M NZD in Seed Round – FoodBev Media

Opo Bio, a cultivated meat company has raised 1.5 million NZD in a seed round and plans to launch its first research product soon. The company hopes that its products will accelerate research progress and transparency within the alternative protein field.

FDA Approves Upside Food Cultured Chicken

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) gave the first regulatory approval for any cultivated meat in the US this week. In a “no questions” letter from the FDA (read letter here), Upside Foods cultivated chicken recieved a nod from the US federal agency indicating that they found nothing unsafe about cultured meat produced by the company.

There are other companies working with the FDA to recieve the approval from the agency which provides oversight for all innovative products in food and drugs. (For full PR by Upside Food, read here).

Beyond Meat Partners With American Cancer Society To Advance Research On Cancer Prevention

Beyond Meat recently entered an agreement with American Cancer Society to engage in research to better understand cancer prevention.  

The partnership will also support researchers as they explore whether plant-based meat can play a role in cancer prevention. This partnership comes on the heels of another partnership, a 5-year Plant-Based Diet Initiative Fund with Stanford University School of Medicine by Beyond Meat . (Read more here)

Vow Announce Successful $49.2 million Series A Round

In what appears to be a week of exciting news for the cultured meat Vow, a cultured meat maker announced closing a successful round of $49.2 million Series A round. The round was led by Peakbridge, Tenacious, Square Peg Capital, Blackbird and Prosperity7 Ventures. 

Vow, an Australian based company plans to use the funds for company expansion and hiring.

Burgers made from plant based meat on a table.(via PixaBay)

Funding News

FoodTech Company Clarifruit Announce $12M In Series A Funding.

Clarifruit, a Israel-based company focused on innovating quality control for fruit and vegetable supply chain recently announced a $12M Series A funding. The funding round was led by Champel Capital, FirstTime Ventures and others. The company plans to use the funds to expand team and scale growth in North America and Europe.

Gut health food brand Bio&Me Annouce $1.9 million In Investment to Support Growth.

United Kingdom based Bio & Me, which focuses on gut health food brand has secured 1.6 million investment to accelerate company growth. Gut health food brand Bio&Me, created by The Gut Health Doctor, has secured a £1.6 million investment to support further growth.

Volta GreenTech Announce a $2.07 million Funding.

 Volta Greentech a Sweden-based company announce a $2.07 million for its large-scale algae factory. 

Food Industry

Stating “Challenging economic conditions” FoodTech brand Deliveroo is seizing operations in Australia. The company also attributed the decision to the amount of investment needed to make the venture profitable in Australia.
In an effort to help its restaurant partners, PepsiCo has announced a launch of a new ghost service. This is part the efforts of PepisCo Foodservice Digital Lab