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People Networking at FoodNiche Summit

Bold innovative ideas are driving  change in the food industry. These companies are emerging into the industry poised to be significant gamechangers. At the FoodNiche Summit, we provide opportunities to discover these companies and the solutions they are bringing to the market place.

At Cornell Tech University NYC, meet with these innovators, sample products, enjoy thought-provoking panel discussions and keynotes from the brightest minds in food industry.

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 Start the conversation today to secure your spot in our  April 2024 summit.

 – Showcase your company to investors and global food industry executives.

–  Share your vision for your company briefly with the audience in 3 minutes

– Expand your network, and schedule 1:1 meetings.

– Change the game for your company in 2024


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People Networking at FoodNiche Summit
Guest Networking at FoodNiche Summit

“Out of all the conferences I go to, I appreciate the FoodNiche Summit most because of the diversity of perspectives it brought together. There were representatives from across the food system – this kind of collaboration is key to solving the challenges of feeding the world sustainably.” -Scott Landers, Co-founder & CEO Figure8

“Skillfully created and excellently hosted. A fantastic event! The investment panel at the FoodNiche Summit is the most informative panel session I have ever listened to.”- Shou Wong, PhD  Chief Innovation Officer, TurtleTree

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