Many Plant-Based Food Alternative Companies Are Failing as Hype and Money Fade – Bloomberg
The once extremely popular sector appears to dying off as funding has begun to dry up. Unreal Food has ceased pursuing the eggless egg. Remasted Foods has stopped working on its vegan bacon. With consumers put off by the nutritional value, taste, and excessive processing, many of these companies are shutting down.

Dreamfarm Develops Plant-Based Cheeses Made From Almonds – Vegconomist
This Italian startup is set to enter the dairy alternative market with its plant-based cheese products made of Mediterranean almond paste. products. The company’s products have received a Nutriscore of A which is the highest score that a product can get for nutritional benefits.

Zero-Gravity Has the Potential to Change the Way Astronauts Eat in Space – Fast Company
Astronauts have limited food choices while in space, but this zero-gravity oven might just be the thing to change that.

What is the Cause of the Rise in Grocery Prices  – Bon Appetit
Since the start of the pandemic, grocery prices have been all over the place, sinking, leveling out, and skyrocketing. Experts say that the recent rise in price is due to a storm of inflation, higher household incomes, and hits to the agriculture industry.

Instacart’s AI-Powered Shopping Cart Debuts in New Jersey and New York – The Spoon
Instacart has announced that a ShopRite in Spotswood, New Jersey, and Fairway Market in Kips Bay, Manhattan were the first two locations to receive their new high-tech Caper Cart. This cart has sensors, touchscreens, and a self-checkout feature, and is lighter than previous versions.

Karakuri Joins the Growing List of Food Robot Startups That Have Shut Down – The Spoon
Food robotic startups have had difficulties in the past few years, capital intensive with long development cycles, making for rough seed stages. Food robot company Karakuri has unfortunately suffered from the same difficulties and has had to shut down as a result.

Sweetgreen’s Opens First Automated Location and Aims to Take the Tech Nationwide – CNBC
The company’s first automated Infinite Kitchen opened in Illinois and they plan to open another one later this year. Sweetgreen hopes that this technology will cut labor costs while improving the customer experience

New AI and GPS Technology Will Protect Oceans and Prevent Fish Stock Depletion – VegNews
The Audacious Project has given $60m in funding to Global Fishing Watch, as it strives to create a map of all the fishing vessels operating on the ocean.  

Depleted Cattle Herds Cause Near Record Level Rise in Beef Prices – Food Dive
Cattle stocks have remained low due to drought conditions in the U.S, which has caused a rise in consumer prices.

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