• In response to a petition filed by US-based food brand, FDA now allows more vitamin D fortification in cereal and bars. Read more here.

  • Meat.The End takes strides towards launching Israeli’s first extrusion-based research and development center. Read more here.

  • Umami Meats and Steakholder Foods Receive US$1.5 Million for development of 3D Printed Premium Cultivated Fish. Read more here.

  • Public health alert issued by USDA Food Safety and Inspection over fish produced without Federal inspection. Read more here.

  • Scarcity of cage-free eggs may be observed in US markets as producers deal with shortages and high prices. Read more here.

  • Regulators in US and China meet to discuss the future of cultivated meat. Read more here.

  • New Study finds that climate impact label may be an effective strategy to promote sustainable food choices. Read more here

  • New Functional Tea Brand raise $6.7 million to expand to Wegmans and other retailers. Read more here.
  • Teramerra subsidiary raises $6 million for novel sensing technology that enhances soil analysis for farmers. Read more here.
  • No Meat Factory raises new capital to expand protein production plant in US. Read more here.
  • Croppin raises $13.7 million in a series D round led by Google. Read more here

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