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FDA Investigates Hepatitis A Outbreak Linked to Strawberries


The Food and Drug Administration is investigating a possible link between an outbreak of hepatitis A and fresh organic strawberries. According to the FDA, the strawberries being investigated were branded as HEB and FreshKampo and were purchased between March 5, 20222, and April 25, 2022.
An expert committee of the European Chemicals Agency has declared that the classification of Glyphosate as carcinogenic is unjustified. This is similar to the Food and Agriculture Organization’s stance that the herbicide is unlikely to pose a carcinogenic risk.

A study has found that consumers of coffee with or without sugar have a significantly lower risk of suffering an early death. Daily consumption of 1.5 to 4.5 cups of coffee reduces the chances of early death by almost 30% UK-based Synthesis Capital has raised over $300 million primarily aimed at supporting more than 15 food tech and alt protein-focused startups across the globe. The funding, described by the firm as the largest ever raised in the sector, is anchored by Jeremy Coller through CPT Capital.

Children are Getting Hurt by Food Marketing – WHO

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According to a WHO policy brief, advertising campaigns are undercutting the drive to encourage healthy food habits among children. With nearly 40 million overweight kids under the age of five, the policy brief stressed the need to shield children from the harmful effect of food marketing. Senator Edward Markey has introduced the Ensuring Safe and Toxic-Free Foods Act in the US Senate. The bill, co-sponsored by Senator Richard Blumenthal and Senator Elizabeth Warren, calls for stricter regulation of “Generally Recognized as Safe” substances and the creation of a new office at the FDA to assess the safety of chemicals in the US food supply.Norovirus contamination has prompted Canada-based Tri-Star Seafood Supply to recall live spot prawns. The recall was issued after the Canadian Food Inspection Agency began investigating a foodborne illness outbreak following multiple reported illnesses related to the consumption of the product. Australia-based food tech startup Eden Brew has gotten $5 million in funding to scale up its cow-free dairy and ice-cream development. The investment was gotten from the startup’s existing backer Main Sequence, while Mars’ Digitalis Ventures participated for the first time. A perfect balance of food safety and loss prevention is achievable by coopting Blockchain and IoT, according to Guy Yehiav. With blockchain and IoT sensing, enterprises can meet compliance standards while simultaneously reducing waste and preventing loss. Four affiliates and subsidiaries of JBS Foods have agreed to assemble a joint team of company and third-party experts to create and implement an infectious disease preparedness plan for its workers. The move comes in the wake of coronavirus citations at seven meat processing facilities belonging to the company.

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