Cheese Products Recalled Due to Listeria Fears 

USA Today 

According to the FDA, eight different cheese products sold across nine states have been recalled due to fear of contamination with listeria-causing bacteria. 

Beyond Meat Sued for Misleading Claims 

Food Dive 

Don Lee Farms have sued alternative protein maker Beyond Meat for exaggerating the amount of protein in its products by more than 25%. 

Irvington Seafood Recalls Crabmeat

RTT News

Irvington Seafood is recalling 1 pound of packages of crabmeat, citing the possibility of contamination with listeria monocytogenes. The recalled products were distributed to Mississippi, Georgia, Louisiana, and Alabama.

Abbott Laboratories Resume Production at Michigan Plant Linked to Contamination


Abbott resumed production of a specialty brand of its infant formula at its Michigan facility, having met the initial agreements agreed to with the FDA. The initial shutdown of the facility had led to supply problems across the United States.

Joywell Foods Secure $25 Million Funding

Food Dive

Joywell Foods, a food-tech startup that uses tech to recreate naturally occurring substances to sweeten beverages and foods, netted a $25 million Series B funding to scale up its products for commercialization.

Food, Climate, and Medicine Threatened by Global Soil Shortage


According to the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification, the effect of soil degradation could total more than $20 trillion in losses of food and ecosystem services by 2050.

Health Concerns Driving Plant-based Meat and Dairy Consumption

Food Navigator-USA

A survey conducted by Euromonitor has revealed that health concerns remain the major driver of consumers’ adoption of plant-based meat and dairy products. 

Scientists Receive Grant to Develop Portable Sensors for Detecting Food Contaminant

Food Ingredients First

A team of international researchers, including food scientists from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and engineers from Newcastle University, has been awarded a $750,000 USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) partnership grant to create and test biosensors that can detect noroviruses and mycotoxins in foods and agricultural products.

Urban Remedy Recalling Strawberry Drinks After Hepatitis A Outbreak


Urban Remedy has issued a recall of its strawberry hibiscus rose tea because of potential contamination with Hepatitis A following an outbreak in organic strawberries. The recalled product was distributed across 24 states.

Fear of Cholera Outbreak Grips Ukrainian City 

NBC News

According to city officials, Mariupol, the Ukrainian port city under Russian siege, could be facing a deadly cholera outbreak. The outbreak is linked to water contamination by garbage and decomposing corpses. 

FDA to Reconsider BPA Safety in Food Packaging

Healio News 

The US Food and Drug Administration has agreed to reassess the safety of BPA in food packaging in response to a formal petition submitted earlier in the year.

OIG Audits FDA Over Baby Formula Crisis 

ABC News

The Office of Inspector General has launched an audit into the FDA’s response to the massive recall of baby formula in February and the closure of the Abbott plant linked to the recall.

Researchers Develop Nano-Sensor for Rapid Pesticide Detection

Science Daily

A small-sized sensor for quick detection of pesticides on fruit has been developed by researchers at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden. The sensor utilizes flame-sprayed nanoparticles made from silver to increase chemical signals.

Brevel Closes $8.4 Million Seed Round

Food Business News

Brevel, an Israel-based alternative protein startup, has bagged $8.4 million in seed funding. The startup produces microalgae at a much cheaper cost than other startups. The startup’s backers include Nevateam Ventures, Tet Ventures, Good Startup VC, and FoodHack. 

Norovirus Concerns Prompts Recall of Raspberries

Food Safety News

Epicierie Frenette has issued a recall of whole raspberries due to the possibility of norovirus contamination. Results of tests conducted by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency triggered the recall.

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