DoorDash has now announced that it will be firing about 7% of its staff, or 1,250 empolyees. The CEO of the company, explained this motion, saying that with the quickly growing business they hired very quickly, however, the company has now reached a state where if they continue along the same path, their operating expenses would outgrow their revenue. -SF Gate

Smart Vending Machine Launched 

New Strait Times

Company Advanced Food Technology has launched a new smart vending machine. This machine, called Bites & Bytes Smart Vending Machine (SVM), offers a variety of different meals. There are two variants of the machine, one is 400kg and capable of dispensing 60 meals, and the latter is double in weight and in the amount that it can produce. 

New Startup Uses Technology to Get Surplus Food to Non-Profits

Microsoft Features

The company FoodCloud is focused on getting surplus food to nonprofits in a more efficient manner. Food insecurity is expected to increase worldwide. According to a 2021 report from the UN Environment Program 931 million tons of food sold, goes to waste every year. Food is thrown out as surplus for a variety of reasons such, as food is past its best if used before date (which is regarding optimal flavor rather than meaning it isn’t healthy to eat), if a label is torn, or simply if there is too much of a given product. These foods are still nutritious, and good to eat, and for this reason, FoodCloud is focused on taking this food and bringing it to nonprofits to aid in combatting the ever more prevalent food insecurity issue.

Virginia Tech Lab Is Focused on Resolving Issues With and Growing The Seafood Industry

The Virginian-Pilot

Virginia Tech has labs that are focused on a variety of things involving the seafood industry. The research will be focused mainly on three things prevent diseases from spreading through packaging, create new fish foods, and create cultivated fish.

New E-Commerce Company is Focused on Increasing Food Accessibility

The Daily Star

The pandemic was a big booster for the e-commerce industry in Bangladesh, with the industry experiencing 5 years worth of growth in only five months during the pandemic. Gorillamove is an online instant grocer that is focused on bettering food accessibility, as 73% of people in the country do not have the ability to maintain a healthy diet on a day to day basis.

Weis Markets Recalls Sea Salt Caramel Ripple Ice Cream

Lehigh Valley Live

Weis markets has now recalled 108 containers of their Sea Salt Caramel Ripple Ice Cream due to potential undeclared soy and coconut products. As of Dec. 1, no illnesses have been reported as a result.

Enoki Mushroom Claims the Title of 2022’s Most Recalled Food

Eat This! Not That!

This year, Enoki mushrooms have been recalled 11 times for listera-related reasons, making it the most problematic food, well ahead of the runners up, cheese, ground beef, and leafy greens. 

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