Scientists from University College London and Caviar Biotech have successfully grown caviar in the lab by replicating cells from fish’s egg sac in a biochemical liquid. This was reported to be the first lab-grown variety in the world.

Caviar, an unfertilized egg of Sturgeon, is known to be expensive and a delicacy reserved for the wealthy. A startup is poised to change that after they have successfully grown the egg in a biochemical liquid instead of inside a fish.

The London based company is growing Sturgeon eggs which typically takes 14 years to be laid in only 40 days. 

The company is projecting a 2024 or 2025 roll out for the more affordable lab-grown caviar.

According to the Caviar Biotech founder Ken Benning, reported by Times “ We have the exact same cell that turns into caviar and we are growing that in a liquid instead of inside a fish. There are no antibiotics, no killing of fish. It’s as simple as that.”

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