For Founders: Seize this Moment to Raise Capital

Founders working

While the headlines have been awash with talk of a venture capital winter, it’s crucial to understand that it’s merely a season, not a barren period. The data shows that while the pace of fundraising might have decelerated in the past year and a half…

Addressing Food Insecurity By Stemming Food Waste

Food insecurity, the inability to access or afford enough food or enough nutritious food for one’s overall health and well-being, is a serious problem in both developing and developed nations. According to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, more than one in five (21.6%) adults in the United States reported household food insecurity in the summer […]

Collaboration in Food Innovation

In the second article in our mid-year series, we turn our focus to collaboration in food innovation. Here at FoodNiche, we are firm believers in the power and importance of the collaborative effort of all key stakeholders to drive food innovation. It takes broad-based cooperation across the spectrum to create a healthier, sustainable food future. […]

Kraft Heinz Commits To No-Deforestation | Food Industry Headlines

This new technology allows people to have the coffee beans roasted right before brewing. This new roaster, called the e23, accomplishes more than just giving people fresh-roasted coffee, it is better for the environment. Traditional coffee bean roasting methods consist of roasting the beans over gas-powered flames, which are both very energy-intensive and produces a lot of CO2…Read More Headlines Here

Food Investment Headlines 7/7/2023

The German biotech firm has received 17.5 million dollars in a Series A funding round. The startup is focused on using this newly acquired funding to gain regulatory approval in the United States for its first two products, fish fingers, and fish balls…Read More Headlines Here

Food Industry and Health News

The once extremely popular sector appears to dying off as funding has begun to dry up. Unreal Food has ceased pursuing the eggless egg. Remasted Foods has stopped working on its vegan bacon. With consumers put off by the nutritional value, taste, and excessive processing, many of these companies are shutting down. Click here to read more.

Food Investment News

BetterBrand, a food tech startup best known for its line of low-carb, high-protein bagels produced with special IP-protected Grain-changing Technology, has now scored a record-breaking valuation of 170 million dollars, surpassing some of the biggest tech firms such as Meta and Tesla. For this and other headlines, click here.

Introducing the mid-year review series

As we approach the midpoint of 2023, we are excited to kick off a series focused on key developments in the food industry in the first half of the year. Join us as we examine key food industry developments through various lenses such as regulatory, innovation, collaboration, investment activity and consumer acceptance. First up is […]